Gold Coast Succulent & Bromeliad Society inc.

Monthly Meetings

When: held on the 4th Saturday of each month (except December), 

Doors open at 11:30AM for Plant Sales, Meeting begins at 12:30

Where:   Helensvale Community Centre - South Hall, 

31-33 Discovery Drive, Helensvale, QLD 4212

Sellers:  Want to sell your plants? then book a table!

book tables by emailing 

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Membership Inclusions:

 SINGLE $30.00 per annum ($15 from July)  -  FAMILY $50.00 per annum ($25 from July)

27th January 2024

Mark your calendars because the Annual Succulent and Bromeliad Trivia Day, hosted by the fantastic Jeanette Henwood, is just around the corner! 🎉

We're bringing the ultimate planty showdown, with succulent and bromeliad trivia that'll test your knowledge and have you laughing all the way. Whether you're a seasoned plant expert or just starting your green journey, there's something for everyone!

🪴 Prizes, Fun, and Friendship! 

🌟 Exciting Succulent Swag up for grabs 

📚 Trivia Rounds to challenge your plant IQ 🤝 Connect with fellow plant enthusiasts

This is not just about winning; it's about celebrating our shared love for these amazing plants and connecting with like-minded plant people. 🪴🌸

So, gather your succulent squad, prepare to bloom your bromeliad brains, and join us for a day of fun, laughter, and of course, the occasional plant pun! 🌱😄

24th Febuary 2024

🌿 Join us for an enriching February meeting!

 where we delve into the world of potting mediums! 🌱 Our guest speaker, Barry Kable, brings his expertise to the forefront with a hands-on presentation, exploring the diverse range of potting materials. From traditional soil blends to innovative alternatives, Barry will guide us through practical insights. 

This event promises valuable knowledge for both members and the public alike. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your understanding of plant care. 

Save the date and join us for a fascinating evening of horticultural exploration! 

23rd March 2024

🌵 Dive into the mesmerizing world of succulents and bromeliads at our March 2024 meeting! 

🌺 Join the Gold Coast Succulent and Bromeliad community, along with fellow enthusiasts from the public, for an enlightening session featuring the esteemed Peter Perikow. 

🌱 Peter will unveil the secrets of "Rock Eaters," a groundbreaking approach that will revolutionize your perspectives on potting, feeding, and nurturing cacti and succulents. 

🪴 This isn't just a meeting; it's an opportunity to enhance your plant care skills and witness a paradigm shift in succulent cultivation. Mark your calendars and be part of this transformative experience. 

🌿 Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your gardening journey with Peter's invaluable insights! 

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

27th of April 2024

25th May 2024

22nd June 2024

27th July 2024